Apartments Kosher Barcelona was created by a group of religious and orthodox people to assist the Kosher observant travelers by providing Kosher LaMehadrin apartments and meals.
Our vocational apartments are spacious and modern and are located in central areas of Barcelona. These apartments provide the best opportunity to keep Kashrut and Shabbat during your stay here.

Have you always wanted to visit Barcelona?
Have you always wanted to visit this colorful and vibrant city which combines culture, architecture, history, magic beaches, festivals and football, but you didn’t know how to keep it Kosher?
Now you have the opportunity to keep Kosher and Shabat in a reasonable way, all together with a very special vacational envirment.

Kosher supervisor
Apartment Kosher Barcelona was created by a group of religious and orthodox people who understand the problems of people who want to be on holliday and at the same time keep Halajat Kashrut in different cities worldwide. All our Kosher services are supervised by a Kashrut supervisor.

Apartments all around Barcelona
Our apartments are located downtown. Close to Camp Nou and a walking distance from Beit Jabad Barcelona and from the orthodox Synagogue in Barcelona.

Full Kosher services
We provide full kosher services, which include breakfast and dinner products ksherim lamehadrin and for Shabat we provide three meals, Challot, wine, and Shabat hot plate and water.

All the products will be available at your arrival!
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