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We organize customized groups in apartments and hotels.
Apartment Kosher Barcelona was established by a group of religious and ultra-Orthodox to meet the needs of kosher travelers and to provide apartments and kosher food. The spacious, modern holiday apartments are located in the city's most central areas. And offer the best option to keep kosher and Shabbat during your vacation in the city. Have you always wanted to vacation in Barcelona? You wanted to visit the colorful and lively city that is a meeting place of culture, architecture and fascinating history, enchanting beaches, festivals and soccer, only you had a problem of kashrut? Now you also have the option of keeping kashrut and Shabbat in a dignified manner, along with a special holiday atmosphere. Kashrut supervisor Barcelona's Elementone was founded by a group of religious and ultra-Orthodox people who understand the problematic nature of the person who wants to vacation and observe the laws of kashrut in various places around the world. All kashrut services are supervised by a kashrut supervisor. Apartments all over the city The apartments are located in the city center, close to the Camp Nou and within walking distance of the Chabad House of Barcelona and the synagogue of the Jewish community. Full kosher services Full kosher services including breakfast, lunch and dinner items Kosher Mehadrin, and on Shabbat 3 meals, challah, wine, water rinse and Shabbat platter. All products will be available when you arrive!